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Post OPT Reporting Requirements

Post-Optional Practical Training Reporting Requirements
You must report changes in employment, residential address, phone number, email, or legal name within 10 business days of the change. Failure to report these changes will lead to termination of your OPT and F-1 status by SEVIS.

Report to ISS –
Report Direct Relationship Statement
International Student Portal (ISP): within 3 days of your OPT employment start date. You will receive an email from ISS with instructions on how to report.
 1. Name of employer
 2. Job/Position Title
 3. Major/program of Study
 4. A list of job related duties
 5. Short explanation describing how your employment is directly     related to your major/program of study from Fairleigh Dickinson     University. 1
Student decides to exit the United States and complete F-1 status prior to end date of OPT work authorization  Complete an End of OPT Request
1. Indicate “completing OPT and exiting the United States”
 2. Date of departure from U.S.
Legal Name or new email address Email with a scan of passport page showing new name.
If you wish to obtain a new OPT I-20 with your employer information, please  complete an I-20 Reprint Request
Report to the SEVP Portal
Within three (3) days of your OPT start date you will receive an email from the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to your FDU email with a link and instructions on how to create your SEVP portal account. Please create your SEVP portal account as soon as you receive the email from SEVP as the link is only valid for a short period of time.
Report loss or end of job
You cannot accrue more than 90 days of unemployment throughout the 12 months of post-completion OPT. Unemployment days will be accrued for every day you are not employed, beginning the first day of your OPT, as indicated on your EAD card.  
 1.Indicate ending date of last job
UPDATE your U.S. Residential Address, and or phone number Go to SEVP portal and update your information. 
Documenting OPT Employment
1 You are required to submit evidence — for each job — of the position held, proof of the duration of that position, the job title, the hours worked per week, contact information for your supervisor or manager, and description of the work. If it is not clear from the job description that the work is related to your degree, we highly recommend that you obtain a signed letter from the employer's hiring official, supervisor, or manager stating how your degree is related to the work you performed. This will help when reporting how the job is related to degree to ISS.  Keep this in your personal records as well.
2 It is recommended that you keep documentation of all your employment. In the future, you may be asked by DHS/USCIS to provide proof of your detailed employment history during OPT.