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Fairleigh Dickinson University
Welcome to Fairleigh Dickinson University!!!

FDU is a special community with class members and faculty from many states in the nation and many countries around the world.
Here at FDU, we pride ourselves on being a close and friendly community that is dedicated to diversity and global awareness. International students are an essential part of the fabric of our community, bringing global perspectives and vibrant customs and cultures to our campuses. You will find that staff, faculty and classmates are welcoming and approachable.

FDU offers many nationally-recognized academic programs, but you will also discover other wonderful resources such as superior support services, and social and cultural activities, that will help you have a well-rounded university experience. Regardless of where you come from, or how familiar you are with the United States, you are likely to come across new and exciting experiences that will help you learn and grow as individuals. 

Within these international student webpages you will find many important pieces of information that will help you advance in your FDU experience.