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24 Month STEM Extension Validations

Validation and Evaluation Reporting

F-1 STEM OPT are required to complete STEM employment reporting task every 6 months. You must confirm that your record in SEVIS accurately reflects your current circumstances.  This reporting is MANDATORY, even if no changes have been made.  
Validation Reporting  DUE DATE
When certifying for each validation period, you are attesting that the following is accurate in the SEVP portal and on the I-983 ISS has on file. SEVP Portal users will receive a reminder email 30 days before reporting due date. 

Students Personal Information:
Name, email address, telephone number, physical living address

Training Plan I-983:
Employer Name, Job Title, address (page 2 and page 3)
Supervisor’s Name, Telephone Number and email address.
Calendar Sample2

Mark your calendar once you receive your EAD card for every 6 months from your EAD start date. 

 6 Months after the start of STEM OPT Extension

→ 12 Months after the start of STEM OPT Extension

→ 18 Months after the start of STEM OPT

→ 24 Months after the start of STEM OPT

Self-Evaluations (Evaluation of Student Progress) are submitted to the DSO at the end of any employment (regardless of its duration) and at the 12 and 24 month marks from the start date of the STEM extension.

Failure to report and or submit a self-evaluation is a violation of the terms of the Form I-983, and considered a violation of F-1 status, a government official has the right to terminate your record any time if reporting requirements are not met; or deny any non-immigrant service request.  


→ 10 days after the end of any training opportunity

→ 12 Months after STEM OPT start date (midway)

→ 24 Months after STEM OPT start date (Final)                                                                           
6 Month STEM Validation
 12 Month STEM Validation
18 Month STEM Validation
24 Month STEM Validation